Rack Mount Radio Installation

Installation of most radios into rack mounts will require removal of the bottom feet and wire bail (if there is one) and side hardware, such as feet or carry handle. The screws used for the feet can then be used to secure the radio to the tray. The rack trays have holes in the bottom that are designed to line up with the foot mounting holes on the radio.

Our racks come standard with a an aluminum bracket which goes over the top of the radios in the rack, and secures the radios to the shelf.

Most racks are designed so that the the radios protrude slightly through the panel, giving the appearance that the bezel of the radio is mounted to the panel.

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Random Rack

STEPPIR SDA100 with Hy-Gain CD45II


STEPPIR SDA100 with Hy-Gain CD45II

Size: 3U

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Rack Mount Your Radios

NovexComm provides low-cost, professional rack mounts for many popular radios, giving operators a source for off-the-shelf, low cost radio rack mount kits.

Why Rack Mount Radios?

Here are just a few reasons given by some of the operators we have heard from
  • Gives my radio room a professional look.
  • Saves space so I can buy more radios and have a place to keep them.
  • Makes it easier to access and use my equipment all in one place.
  • Keeps my gear protected from bumps and scratches.
  • If someone breaks into my house, then they will have a difficult time getting my radios.
  • I finally have all those ugly wires out of sight, looks great.
  • My wife likes the way my shack looks; she even shows her friends my room.


WA5RAY Testimonial:
Thanks Novexcomm for your great products. I was trying to rack mount my radio equipment into my console racks and was failing miserably. Luckily, I ran across your ad and have since successfully rack mounted several units very easily. The chassis design of your system for the larger rigs moves the weight of the actual radio equipment from the front panel and transfers it to the rack through your integrated chassis shelf. This greatly helps installing, removing and working on the gear. It also reduces the rattles that come from the stresses from the weight of the gear that is supported entirely from the single panel itself. Very COOL indeed! Thanks again for being there for a guy in need.

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