Novexcomm has been producing rack mount kits for the Amateur & Short wave Radio operators and Government markets for the last 15 years. We have added several new Rack Mount Kits. See Products for details.

We recognize that there are many different radios and many are unique in size and shape. At this time, we are providing a few of the more popular radio rack mounts, and always looking for that next product.

Rack Mount Your Radios

Ham radio operators and short-wave listeners are re-discovering rack mounting. Rack mounting is nothing new. The early telephone companies referred to them as Relay Racks. Relay racks were a convenient way to stack a lot of equipment into a small area, make wiring of the system easier, and reduce trouble-shooting time. When early radio came along, many of these same reasons carried over to that new technology. Radio, and later TV, studios and transmitter sites had most of their equipment rack-mounted.

For some time, many amateur radio operators have rack-mounted their equipment, mostly using military surplus components or hacking out holes in costly plank panels to make their own rack mounts, a very labor-intensive effort, with lots of sawing and filing.

Now NovexComm is providing low-cost, professional rack mounts for several popular radios, giving operators a source for off-the-shelf, low cost rack mount kits.