LED Lightbars by NovexComm

18" LED Light Bar powered by 12 VDC mounted on a 1U panel (perforated/ vented shown but can be solid aluminum if desired) gives variable cool light (6500K)
for night time deployments with rack mounted cases allows the case lid to be fully closed.
Dimensions are only ½" square on the LED bar and it is shown as mounted on ¾" standoff brackets for the 110 degree light to shine out easily.
The rotary dimmer smoothly varies the light output from barely lit to almost overpowering; set and it is quite stable.
Current draw is quite low at full brilliance of 143 lumens at only 340 milliamps so it won't drain your battery.

Use it to illuminate in the radio room or mounted in a console to cut down on the glare at night but still see the knobs and buttons clearly.
Meters and displays are backlit but not the controls; so this helps a lot!

Perforated/ ventilated 1U panel painted black, white LED, with dimmer is $75

  • Select Red/ Blue color for $5 more
  • Add 2 speakers inside at $40 with 3.5 mm phone plug on the end of the wires
  • Add 4 fans for ventilation at $40 (can be pull air IN or OUT or combination of two IN and two OUT for circulation)

NEW! 2U LED Light Bar with Dual Speakers and 4 Fans


Shipping is $14 for the first one; add $8 for a second one in the same box.
Colors available for LED light bars are Red and Blue.
Pricing is 1-10 quantity; call for volume discounts.

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