Elecraft KPA+KAT I/O Panel
Elecraft KPA+KAT I/O Panel
Size: 2U
Product ID #621

-4 UHF bulkheads installed with UHF to UHF factory premade cables attached -IEC AC socket inside that you cut your factory AC cord’s plug off and solder it to the rear I/O IEC plate and we supply a new AC cord -The Power Pole assembly is for you to wire up an external source of 12 volts to the 4U chassis to power up the Elecraft logo, fans, etc. -The DBxx series of socket apertures will be laser cut to accommodate all 3 D-Sub connectors on an as-needed basis, no connectors supplied -2 fans to circulate air throughout the rack housing (one in & one out for airflow direction) powered by 12 volts -2 RCA jacks to accommodate keying from any type of rig and ALC control (we aren’t supplying the cables on the inside of these)

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